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COVID-19 : Feed-It-Forward Campaign

The impact of COVID-19 has been profound and unprecedented. The impact to our economy is staggering. The impact that it has had on our communities is devastating.  We in the construction industry have been fortunate to continue working at a time when others cannot and now, more than ever, we need to help others put food on their table.


KDH Drywall has worked with K-97 to help create the FEED IT FORWARD campaign to help put food on the tables of those impacted by COVID-19. The campaign is raising funds to buy $100 grocery cards for distribution to various charities in need.


On behalf of KDH Drywall Ltd, Mantar Ltd, and our employees, we have contributed $20,000 to kick-start this campaign with Safeway also graciously donating another $5000.


We are the lucky ones. The closures of many businesses to keep us all safe has had a profound impact on those who worked there. As they are keeping us safe by staying home, lets help them put food on their table & FEED IT FORWARD

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