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Load Bearing Steel Stud & Composite Floors

The KDH Drywall team has been building projects in Alberta for the last 30 years. During that time, we have built many Load Bearing Steel Stud (LBSS) buildings with the structure being completed by KDH.

KDH can assist with design, engineering, budgeting and offers a complete solution for construction of the structure, interior framing, insulation and drywall finishing. Check out our portfolio of past LBSS projects and contact us today to get started...

Non-Combustible Construction

Load Bearing Steel Stud is a cost effective solution for non-combustible buildings up to 8 stories in height and offers many benefits over wood structures

Composite Floor Systems

KDH works with multiple composite floor systems including Ultrabond and Comslab, which provide up to 2 hour fire ratings and solutions for superior STC.



As steel does not shrink, split, or warp, warranty callbacks are reduced. Benefits are also seen through course of construction and operational insurance costs 

Environmental Benefits

Use of recycled material and consistent quality results in drastically reducing construction waste 

Off-Site Panel Manufacturing

Our panel shop allows us to construct building components and steel stud panels inside, mitigating schedule impacts caused by weather

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